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Billiard score board

Billiard score board for PC / MAC / TABLET / MOBILE



Keyboard / Mouse / Touchpad / Presenter (wireless control)


  1. On-line - www.jvg.cz/billiard/score/match/
  2. Off-line - Go to page www.jvg.cz/billiard/score/match/ and save the page (HTML only) to your computer or any other medium (menu "File" -> "Save page as"). For use of match listing open saved file in internet browser.

Official matches of organizations using Result service

  1. Apply handicaps
  2. Billiard score board is initailized in admin section by clicking to a "Live score" button associated with the match
  3. On page live score or page of the match in public section is live score available while match is not finished
  4. When the match is finished by clicking to "Send result to Result service" button is result automatically saved into database